The Maiden Who Daydreams

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The Maiden Who Daydreams
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              ‘The Maiden Who Daydreams’ is presented as an English Storybook that promotes learning through captivating story-telling and vocabulary exercises. It is specially designed for children age 5-10. This courseware also operates on an offlinemode which allows children to learn anywhere at their convenience.
              ‘The Maiden Who Daydreams’ depicts a story of a young farm girl who fetches fresh milk to be sold at the market every morning. On the way to the market, she often daydreams of what she will buy with the money earned from selling the milk. As she daydreams, she loses focus on carrying the milk carefully, thus spilling the milk onto the ground. This story aims to teach children the moral lesson of focusing at the task at hand and also not to count the chickens before they have hatched.
There are 5 sections in this courseware :
*Listening & Speaking
*Listening & Practice
              ‘The Maiden Who Daydreams’ interactive Storybook is designed to improve reading, listening and speaking skills of young learners in the English language. It is part of the SCORE A Courseware learning series which reimagines a new and exciting way of interactive e-learning while introducing various moral values to children.
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