The Octopus That Liked To Show Off

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The Octopus That Liked To Show Off
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              This story tells of the tale of Oki the young octopus who had just discovered a hidden talent. However he soon became prideful of his gift which led him into trouble. Find out how Oki escaped from trouble and learned a big lesson about humility!
              This program integrates the use of reading and listening exercises to allow young children to develop a better grasp of the English language. Vibrantly designed, this interactive story will capture the imagination of the young English learner while brushing up on their grammar and vocabulary in an interesting and exciting way!
              This courseware also operates on an offline mode which allows children to learn anywhere at their convenience.
There are 5 sections in this courseware:
*Listening & Speaking
*Listening & Practice
              ‘The Octopus Who Liked To Show Off ’ is an interactive Storybook designed to improve reading, listening and speaking skills of young learners in the English language. It is part of the SCORE A Courseware learning series which reimagines a new and exciting way of interactive e-learning while introducing various moral values to children.
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