Phonics - Sounding Words

Phonics - Sounding Words
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Dear Parents,

Teaching your child to read is best successful when carried out in a step by step and gradual way. That is why at mighty minds, we have devised a phonics program that will set your child well on the road to reading in a series of Phonics programs.


In each program, we have compiled some of the more essential words which will help your child to build a strong foundation In the language. Ultimately, this is the key to your child's success in his later years - at school and even beyond.


You will find that each lesson in every program consists of what we call the phonogram. The phonogram is the most basic reading unit. It contains a letter pattern for example, at. When you add different letters to the beginning of the phonogram, words like bat, cat, hat and rat are formed. Your child will not only learn how to pronounce and read phonograms, but he will also find creating words a fun and enriching experience.

There are 5 sections in this courseware:





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