English Three Levels Storybook

English Three Levels Storybook

There are 3 levels of the storybook in this courseware. These are the titles of the storybook:
Level 1:
1.The Frog
2.The Animals
3.In The Insect World
4.What do you do every day?
5.Good Morning to You
6.My Happy Family
7.The Special Guest
8.Grandma's Little Friends
9.The Ball
10.Friends for Teddy
11.Baby Romeo
13.Little Red Riding Hood
14.The Talking Parrot
15.Little Plant

Level 2:
1.Aunt Julie's Pet
2.Hugh Goes Fishing
3.At The Zoo
4.Gatsby's Messy Room
5.Cindy Found a Rock
7.The Big Egg
8.The Tasty Stone Soup
9.The Tortoise
10.Jack's Card
11.The Missing Pencil
12.Baby Hippo And Mother Tortoise
13.The Ant And The Grasshopper
14.The Fireflies
15.How Poor We Really Are

Level 3:
1.Two Goats and A Bridge
2.Crab and Baby
3.Two Good Friends and a Bear
4.The Lion and the Farmer
5.The Farmer and His Sons
6.The Tortoise and the Eagle
7.The Injured Wolf and the Sheep
8.The Tortoise and the Rabbit
9.The Lion and the Mouse
10.The Ant and the Flamingo
11.The Field Mouse and the City Mouse
12.Sweetie the Bee
13.The Car Trip
14.Mother Duck's Love
15.The Fox Who Got Caught

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